​​​​Matumaini Ministries:

  • Donations can be made by mail or Venmo @Matumaini Ministries

 Ministry List


  • $3600 needed for pastor leadership conference in Meto and Namanga Kenya. Events to take place February  2024


  • Pastor’s home plans have been made for construction at Cowboy Church in Linkishon, Kenya. The cost is $14,000-$16,000  


  • **Update** Funded!- Rev. Mwanta a motorcycle! He is a part of the International School of Ministry (ISOM) as a facilitator and he is in need of traveling back and forth between school sites in order to teach class. $3000 needed

  • ​**Update** Funded! ISOM: International School of Ministry education for Pastors.  $80 pays FULL tuition cost for Biblical Studies Program.  This program is recognized by Kenyan government for pastor licensing.

         100 scholarships received! Two new schools starting in September 2023

  • **Update** Funded! - Renovation/clean up of Linkishon Primary school.  (Bisil, Kenya). We need $3000 to complete the 7th and 8th grade classroom building. This will include paint, window pane replacement, roof repair, and the purchase of new desks for each classroom.  (pictures of work being done at Linkishon primary school below)


  • **Update** Fully Funded! 3 projects are in the works for 2022. More information to come. Building projects:  (Pastors/churches – please inquire if interested in these major building projects)

  • **Update** Fully funded for the 2021 school year!Daughter of Hope:  18 girls funded at this time!  2 more are needing sponsoring. $600 (years tuition/food/lodging) cost of high school. $4,800 Needed!

  • ** Update** Fully funded Motor Cycle:  Need transportation for Pastor Sumare (ministry pastor) $2,000 will purchase a “bush” ready motor cycle plus cover insurance cost and driving school.  This will allow Sumare to travel to the many villages and communities being reached by Matumaini Ministries.

  • **Update Fully Funded for the 2022 School Year!!  Sports Program:$2,500 Needed.  Working in three communities to reach the Masia youth for Christ:  Namanga, Meto, and Bisil.  Had over 600 young men this past year involved in the games.  EVERY gathering, Sumare shares the gospel with them.  Many have given their lives to Jesus Christ!


  • **Update Fully Funded for the 2022 School Year!!
  • Nursing School: Evelynn (Pastor Sumare’s wife) is in nursing school. The cost of tuition and travel for the year is $2000.  Her prayer is to bring health care to her community.  Currently there is NO health care available to them.  2021 will be year 2 of 3. 


  • **Update** Jamii hospital is open! Completion of Jamii Hospital.  Namanga, Kenya (pictures below)