Daughters of Hope

Daughters of Hope is FULLY FUNDED for 2023!

Funds are now being raised for the January 2024 school year 

Additional funds are needed this year for increased medical costs due to the malnutrition of the girls from the extreme drought conditions. 

"Thank you very much my brother Sean. Thank you for accepting to serve the Lord by serving the needy and vulnerable girls in Maasai land. The church was reenergized by your visit, and your words and actions of love have lifted our hearts. We were at the edge of despair. I was down and totally in pain seeing very potential children falling prey to the schemes of the enemy. But now I am relieved! At last I can assure Sialo and the other girls with all boldness that they will go through their primary and secondary schooling. I announced to the church the dreams we have in the Lord for these girls and they literally cried. It was a great joy! A joy which overwhelms every good meaning Christian."

Sumare Kisipan

Matumaini Missions Pastor

Namanga, Bisil, Meto Kenya

Village School in Maasai Land


Heart to Heart