Building a christian culture through reaching the greatest treasure God has given us by educating girls in Kenya. 

Jambo (Welcome),

         It is my privilege to introduce you to the work of Matumaini Ministries.  Founded by Dr. Sean DeNike in 2014: the purpose of Matumaini Ministries; which means HOPE in Swahili, is to partner with the local churches, pastors, and families in order to share the HOPE of Jesus Christ to the greater community.  The year 2023 marks the 17th year of partnership with the church in Masai land and here are a few of the past projects:  6 Homes constructed for pastors.  4 classrooms built for AIC Primary School/Nursery School in Namanga, Kenya.  2 churches built in areas outside Bisil, Kenya. Renovating 2 classrooms at Linkishon Primary School. The purchase of motor cycles for pastors and sowing machines for mammas.  Hosting of short- term mission teams.  The building of Jamii Medical Hospital in Namanga, Kenya to bring much needed medical attention to a community of 30,000 that has only 1 doctor and 2 nurses. Plus food and Bible distribution to many villages and engaji (homes).

        Matumaini Ministries continues to hold to the foundation of building the local church by raising up and empowering the pastors and leadership through the power of the Word.  This is being done by hosting pastor and leadership conferences and by working with DeNike Ministries to bring the International School of Ministry curriculum into Masai land.  Over 150 pastors and leaders have been trained in the Bisil, Kenya area with this material and 54 are now in the first trimester of a five- trimester curriculum.  ISOM, is a Biblical Studies curriculum that is desperately needed to grow the pastors in wisdom and knowledge of Scripture, and gives them the tools needed for ministry growth.  The average age of churches in Masai land are between 3-5 years.  (10 years is a very old church!) Which means the leadership is still very young in their Christian walk.   A gift of $75 will fully train a pastor in this material and equip them for their work in ministry.

       Matumaini Ministries is also involved in community development projects by working in and through the area schools.  We believe that the greatest “treasure” in a community is the children.  The ministry has been, and continues to be blessed by having a full-time pastor that travels and spends time in many different communities, churches, and schools.  Pastor Sumare Kisipan, is able to speak and encourage these children in their education, but also is able to share the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.  If you want to change a culture, it starts with the children.  We are now in our fourth year with the “Christ in Action” sports program.  This will allow the ministry to draw together schools in three different communities in order to play soccer matches, and to allow a venue for the gospel to be proclaimed.  Last year, during just one game, 26 youths gave their hearts and lives to Jesus during a Matumaini Ministries, “Christ in Action” sports event.  

        The funding of young girls for their education has been a priority since the very beginning for Matumaini Ministries.  These “Daughters of HOPE,” are given the opportunity to complete their high school education.  Since most families in Masai land live in poverty ($3 a day) or extreme poverty ($1 a day), they cannot afford to send their children to school.  The cost of full tuition, room and board is $600 a year.  I am excited to say that ALL 20 girls in the program are fully funded for the 2023 school year.  The average age of marriage for Masai girls is between the ages of 14-16.  There are many cases of girls even younger being married off by their fathers so that one less mouth needs to be fed and that a marriage dowry can be secured.  We are already seeing a change in the many lives that this program is reaching.  Past girls are pursuing higher education: university and technical training; and two have become teachers going back to their homeland in very remote areas of Masai land so that they can give to the next generation through education and to stand for Christ in their schools and communities.  The “Daughters of HOPE” program is a testimony of how many can come together for the ONE, and see a life changed

        Thank you very much (Asante Sana) for your time, your interest, and for your partnership  with Matumaini Ministries: For the glory of Jesus Christ!

Grace and Peace,
Dr. Sean DeNike – Founder/President Matumaini Ministries

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